"Lainie sees potential in her students before they can even see or accept it them self. She pushes, she cares, she tends, she encourages, she works with each student until they see their own potential."

Natasha Capretta, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

"Lainie Devina’s passion for educating, helping and empowering her students is unparalleled. It was my distinct honor and pleasure to have her as one of my yoga teachers during my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Her unwavering belief in my highest potential pushed me to expect and accomplish more than I thought possible."

Beth Hazelton, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Lainie was my inspirational 300hr. Professional Program mentor. She is a strong and powerful teacher, yet loving and compassionate. She is knowledgeable and readily available to share her knowledge with others. Lainie always made time for me and made me feel like I was the only one that mattered at that moment by always looking right into my eyes. She always knows just the right thing to say! I would highly recommend her as a mentor to others - I trust her with my body, mind and spirit."

Christi O’Connell, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

"Thank you sharing your truth & light and for doing so with such candor and integrity. And for the beautiful reminder that there is "room for all" and our privileged place in this to "make opportunities happen" - Thank you!"

Christine Engelfried, Business of Yoga Workshop

"Lainie's years of experience in teaching yoga, combined with her huge heart and passion for her student's success, is what truly made this program so amazing. Not only did the structured class environment provide optimal success for me and the other students, it also allowed for major growth to occur. I am so thankful for all that I learned because it has shaped me to be the confident yoga teacher I am today!"

Corrin Fox, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"I was drawn to Lainie because she is a methodical, technical, commanding teacher.  She has a gift for pushing herself and her students to go beyond what they perceive as their best effort.  She has very high expectations and also a big heart heart.  Her willingness to open her heart and share so much of her own humanity creates an atmosphere for a tremendous sense of community, self growth, acceptance and humility for her students.  I left the program with a greater knowledge of and commitment to yoga and with a deeper understanding of myself."

Debbie McAllister, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Lainie Devina provided the inspiration to navigate the program’s intensity. Intelligent, genuine, humorous, approachable, Lainie is a true expert in her field. Deeply knowledgeable in the many facets of yoga, Lainie clearly instructs yoga philosophy, human anatomy, and the physical asana practice with an integrated holistic approach. I entered the five-month course as an individual, one of twenty-five others, and through Lainie’s safe, nurturing guidance, finished the program, one of twenty-five sisters."

Jennifer Wickwire, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Lainie’s mentorship during the Professional Program was nothing short of life-changing.  I benefited beyond all expectations from her teaching critiques, sequencing feedback, career advice, and the opportunity to observe and assist in her classroom.  Lainie has a way of leading you outside of your comfort zone to embrace your potential, though she is not purely inspirational but also exceedingly practical.  She gives you concrete, realistic tools to continue to grow and reach new heights in your career, practice, and life.  I began the apprenticeship as an insecure, brand-new teacher, and I finished it with confidence and skill, taking with me Lainie’s ferocious, brilliant voice in my head, always guiding me to a higher standard."

Kate Beletic, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

"Lainie Devina is a treasure of a yoga teacher! I had the pleasure of studying under her during my YogaWorks 200-Hour Teacher Training. I knew I was in excellent hands, because during the very first weekend, she was able to pinpoint strengths, habits, and tendencies in my body and practice that I was not even aware of. As the training progressed, Lainie helped me overcome a lower back injury with sensitivity and keen awareness of how I could best take care of myself while continuing to practice. She has thorough knowledge of therapeutic modifications, and willingly gave her information to me and my fellow students. Her verbal instructions are inspiring and crystal clear. It is evident that Lainie takes yoga very seriously, but she doesn't take herself too seriously. In other words, prepare to learn and laugh...a lot. She is a joy!"

Kate McClellan, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Lainie was an incredible trainer. Her work ethic is inspiring and kept our program consistent and smooth. She also added fun and laughter to the process of learning a great deal of information in a short period of time. Lainie’s awareness of each student’s needs created a sense of inclusivity and community within our large group of 25 students. By communicating her gratitude for the support and cooperation she received from the assistant trainers and students, I felt appreciated and respected during every stage of the program. I learned so much more than how to teach yoga – I learned to use yogic philosophy as the foundation for how I view the world and myself. Lainie’s willingness to share her own journey along the yogic path was motivational and touched my heart. She never hesitated to keep our learning real, grounded and empowering."

Kathy McCrary, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Thank you for bringing your wonderful spirit to Maui for all of us. It was an incredibly memorable and enjoyable trip because of your care and attention. You work hard to take care of the details and it showed."

Latonya Slack, Yoga Retreat

"The YogaWorks Teacher Training with Lainie is something so magical. She puts so much into the program her skills far exceed your standard teacher—she’s got this gift of sharing the profound knowledge with each person on a level that meets their specific needs… I saw this first hand. Whether you’re new to yoga, or have been doing it for decades I guarantee that you will gain tremendous insight into the practice of yoga.

Bridget Buckley, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Thank you for giving so much of yourself so that we could smile, we could laugh, we could breathe, we could sweat away the bad, we could deepen our practice, we could reach our fingers higher, we could cry, we could hug, we could heal, and so that we could just be present."

Alexis Mersel, Yoga Retreat

"So much respect and gratitude to Lainie. She is an outstanding yoga educator who wants her students to successfully fulfill their goals (trust me - after the first or second weekend she knows what your capable of and will not hesitate to push you to achieve your potential).  Teacher Training with Lainie has helped me understand the practice of yoga in ALL aspects, and also provided me with teaching tools that I utilize in my own everyday practice."

Laura Jung, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Lainie’s high standards provided a foundation for me to develop a strong practice and have the confidence to start my own career as a yoga teacher.  Her teachings and insight have allowed me to keep an open mind and focus on learning a little bit more every single day. Her knowledge and intuition are amazing and she knows exactly what is needed to push me beyond my personal comfort zone and help me to achieve my potential."

Leticia Willingham, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

"Thank you for the amazing workshop yesterday! The combined chakra meditation & pranayama is a tool I look forward to incorporating into my practice. Today I accept the mediation & pranayama challenge. You are a gifted teacher and I look forward to the next workshop!"

Carrie Sherwood, Beyond Asana Workshop

"Lainie is a brilliant yoga teacher and teacher trainer. She sees the uniqueness in each of her trainees and gives individualized guidance. She knows how to make learning and teaching accessible to brand new teachers. More than that, she is extremely passionate about what she does, as she is incredibly generous with her time and energy. As my 300-hour Professional Program mentor, she really took me outside of my comfort zone! Through her guidance, I have become a better teacher and found a more authentic self."

Connie Ni, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

“It was important for me to find someone I could respect, trust, obtain a strong foundational learning experience from, and have a good connection with. I found this with Lainie. She fully embraces her role as a teacher, a leader, and a coach. She shows up 100% for her students, and in turn you want to show up and give her 100% back! She is firm, focused, and yet is also soft, connected, holding space for her students and making you feel like she has got your back (and she does). Lainie is the real deal; what you see is what you get."

Danette Estrella, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for an amazing workshop yesterday. Your honesty, passion and knowledge on the Business of Yoga is so so valuable and appreciated. Thank you for sharing such an important and wonderful day. What a blessing to have your knowledge shared and for the amazing reminder: "If you want it, go for it!" Thank you, Lainie!"

Erin Dunphy, Business of Yoga Workshop

"I want to tell you that the practice this morning was exceptional. I never thought I could reach the depth of the poses we did today. Your passion is contagious and your spirit is uplifting. Your instructions are so well defined and you are so encouraging that it takes us to the heights of our ability and to our ultimate potential."

Leah Cohen, YogaWorks Student

"I have just completed a 5 month 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Lainie and, without exaggeration, I can say that it has been life changing. Her skills as an academic teacher, spiritual guide, and practical educator are unparalleled. After every class I felt as though not only had my brain absorbed as much technical information as possible but that my soul had been nourished with her teachings. Lainie leads by example and what a truly wonderful example she sets. She takes her responsibilities incredibly seriously and embodies all the characteristics that a true teacher and mentor possesses. All students, whether beginning or more advanced, can benefit from Lainie's classes. I am honored to call her my teacher."

Gabriella Gordon, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"I knew I would come into the weekend curious, a bit of anxiousness and mostly looking forward to what was in store. What I left with was hours of amazing Yoga, a feeling of being refreshed knowing that I could go back into the real world standing a bit taller in life, and lastly an emotional healing. The weekend touched all my senses & emotions. Thank you Lainie for such a spiritual & inspirational weekend!"

Jeannie Fantasia, Yoga Retreat

"Lainie is an incredible teacher and mentor. I felt seen, and valued, as a student and more importantly as a person. Things I most appreciate about Lainie: her precision and quest for the truth, her passion for life and all of its rich experiences, and her dedication to her students and herself. I have learned so much from Lainie and my life was changed through our time together in the 200 hour program."

Jessica Schmidt, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Thank you for such a magnificent weekend. I loved every minute of it! Please put me on the list for next years retreat - it's something I will look forward to all year."

Kathleen Bowen, Yoga Retreat

"With love, patience, support, passion and knowledge Lainie cultivated an environment that was warm, inviting, encouraging, respectful, and filled with gratitude. Being part of her teacher training was life enriching and soul changing... one of the best experiences of my life."

Kelly Lee, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Sometimes when you’re taking up something new in life, you’re blessed by heading down the right road on the first try. When I was managing our WLV YogaWorks studio and started taking yoga classes for the first time, I happened to try Lainie’s class and it quickly became the class I built my practice around. Her passion, presentation, and depth of knowledge were exactly what I was hoping to find on my journey. When I chose to take teacher training, I was fortunate enough to enroll in her 200 hour YogaWorks Teacher Training as well, an experience I could extol with pages of praise….but will content myself with saying it was one of the best experiences of my life. Quite simply, if you have the chance to work with Lainie, either in a group setting or privately, do yourself a favor and don’t miss it. Namaste."

Ken Marshall, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"Lainie has become an absolute inspiration in my life! I feel truly fortunate to be her student. Lainie’s teaching inspired me to continue my yoga education through the YogaWorks 200 Hour Teacher Training program. She encouraged me to take a leap of faith and teach my first yoga class. I loved it! I continued into the YogaWorks 300 Hour Professional Program with Lainie as my mentor. I cannot say how blessed I feel to have had Lainie’s support and guidance. She puts her heart and soul into each and every one of her students. She has helped me live up to my potential and, through her belief in me, I've been empowered to believe in myself. With Lainie's guidance, I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible. For that, I am forever grateful."

Liz Blanding, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

Lainie Devina goes above and beyond in her mentorship. She is there to support, encourage, challenge and lift her students up to their fullest potential. She was my biggest supporter assuring me to stay the course. She truly has helped mold me into the teacher I want to be. Giving me the confidence to follow my heart and dreams of being the best version of myself. Forever grateful that she is my mentor.

Helen Galloway, YogaWorks 300hr. Professional Program

"It has been a privilege to work under the guidance of a woman that cares so deeply for her students and her practice. Her vulnerability allows for intimacy. Her humor and straight up spunk fuels discussions alive with purpose and direction. She cannot be overpraised because she really changes people's lives. She will make you feel important and special and encourage you to move further than you knew was possible. It has been a blessing to have had the opportunity to know her and to be her student."

Shanna Holako, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training

"I just got home and had to write to say "Thank You" for a wonderful workshop experience. I was somewhat hesitant at the start because I am only 3 months along in yoga, but you always have a way of shaking those fears/uncertainties away. It is with your explicit instruction and caring that that happens... thank you!"

Susan Wachtel, Inversions For ALL Workshop

"Lainie is simply amazing. Extremely knowledgeable and went the extra mile to make sure you understood all of what was taught.  Excellent feedback and always made herself available for questions.  She teaches with love and kindness; extremely motivating and has a fabulous voice for the chants."

Tracy Fink, YogaWorks 200hr. Teacher Training