As a senior teacher trainer and mentor in the YogaWorks 200- and 300-hr teacher training programs, I have a deep passion for helping teachers.  The yoga teaching world is filled with opportunities, but with no clear path, it can be hard to know which steps to take and where to direct your energy.  All of us, at times, need someone in our corner to empower us to create our own path to success: this is true of the new teacher who is unsure where to start as well as the experienced one who wants to get to the next level.

With hard work, perseverance, and trial and error, I have built the thriving and fulfilling career of my dreams.  As a coach, I am able to use what I have learned to help you make your own dream a reality.  During one-on-one sessions, we will work together to clarify your vision and formulate a plan with concrete, actionable steps to follow.  You can expect personalized homework, deadlines, honest feedback, a little tough love, and genuine support.

Our sessions will include:

• Discussions to help you refine your passion and direction
• Identifying and clarifying specific, attainable goals
• Optimizing your “public face” via: website, social media
• Creating a business plan
• Action plans with clear steps to take after each session
• Accountability check-ins to ensure follow-through and progress

If you’re ready to make it happen, I’m ready to help you transform your teaching career! 

"My first meeting with Lainie was clear and direct. It was clear from the beginning that coaching with her meant that we were in this together. She had a personalized action plan right after our first meeting.  It started with an agreement of mutual accountability.   Lainie held me accountable for the work that I set out to do. The reality is, she helped me be accountable with myself. She showed me that accomplishing my dream isn’t something that happens someday in the future, it starts now.  Six months after my coaching with Lainie and I’m living my dream full-time."  ~Bryan Branly