Lainie Devina

In 1992, Lainie's professional dance career came to an abrupt end when she experienced a career ending dance injury. Although doctors felt that surgery was her only option, she began an alignment-based asana practice to rehabilitate her body. "As I became stronger, I began to feel something deeper and beyond the physical body." Lainie's journey with yoga began and continued in the classrooms of YogaWorks in Southern California, which led her 15 years later, to her first of many Teacher Training programs. Years after receiving an opportunity to teach in the very same studio where it all began, Lainie's time and energy focused on mentoring new Teachers within the 300hr. Professional Program and developing Workshop and Teacher Training curriculum including writing articles for the broader community. Lainie has since moved to Central Oregon with her family, and in addition to leading courses including: Pranayama, Meditation and Subtle Body she has co-founded the Eight-Fold Path Yoga School, an online platform dedicated to bring the foundation and depth of yoga, to students from around the world.

"My job as a Teacher of Eight-Fold Path is to help guide my students to cultivate a deep and rich relationship to their own soul. I offer embodied experience in what I share that comes from a lineage of a thousand years, but often, it's as simple as reflecting back to my students what they already know." ~Lainie Devina